Custom Training & Diet Regimen

$299.00 $199.00

General workout regimen for all. We will match workout to your abilities.


Custom designed plans available for weight-loss, mass-gain, strength & conditioning, general well-being or other.

*Price will vary case by case. Contact us for more accurate price quotes


These training systems blend high & low intensity, variable timing, failure/flight exhaustion techniques, cycled rep-ranges and more for maximal athletic performance and muscle building. NASM FSN/PES and Cardio for Performance certified. AFTA Certified. NASM Master Trainer pending.

 *Disclaimer – my plans are based off of my 10+ years knowledge as a NASM & AFTA professional, SLP powerlifting multi-division national champion, and IFBB/Olympia men’s physique pro / NPC regional coach. They are customized based on each athletes personal necessities and my experience. I AM NOT a doctor or a magician.


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